Madison PTA

Your school needs you!

What's PTA? The Parent Teacher Association is a non-profit organization whose goal are to connect parents and  teachers and enrich the educational experience for children. It's run by an executive board. The board is made up of a teacher representative, the principal, Jim Girdner, and parents like you who've decided to spend a year or two working hard to improve things at Madison. If you want to make a BIG difference in your child's school, consider running for a board position. Most board members have little or no previous PTA experience.   

What does PTA do at Madison?

Madison PTA provides valuable activities, services and funds to Madison through parent and teacher volunteer work. This means you! From planners to help teach organization to carnivals to have fun, PTA provides more to Madison than you may realize. Funds raised from PTA projects pay for books, field trips, money for teachers to buy supplies for the class, the Mustang Press program, the Mustang newsletter, playground equipment, carnivals, author visits, Donuts with Dad and Muffins with Mom, and much much more.  

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