Mustangs Moments of Excellence

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are ready to grow and learn at Madison.

Good morning Madison Mustangs and welcome to your first full week of school.  Mrs. Duther's class would like to remind you that we will be talking about growth mindset all year long.  That's when you work really hard at something, try different ways to figure a problem out, and never give up.  Let's make this our best school year ever!

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Mrs. Duthler's class is wondering if you enjoy watching sports?  Many of the athletes had dreams of becoming a professional athlete ever since they were young  They developed a growth mindset when they were your age.  They persevered (which means they kept going even when it got tough) and used a lot of grit.  When others told them they couldn't, they said, "Oh yes I can.  Just watch me!"  Their dreams came true. At school, set a goal, persevere and continue to nurture a growth mindset.  Before the game begins, athletes and fans place their right hand over their hearts, and proudly sing along to The Star Spangled Banner.  Now, imagine yourself achieving your goal and feeling that sense of pride.  Dream big and aim high!!

Mrs. Ramirez' fourth grade class would like to start the week by sharing with our fellow mustangs that even though the last two weeks of school have flashed before our eyes, they have learned multiple sums of new material.  Be generous to those around you, greet them, with a friendly smile, and always show respect.

"The fourth grade journey is not one to take lightly", says Mrs. Ramirez!  She is please to say that her 7 times 4 equals 28 fourth graders in her classroom are adapting to their new surroundings quite well!  Thank you fourth graders for always welcoming new faces and for always having each other's back and keep doing your PARRT!

It's a great day to be a Mustang, Madison friends!  The fourth graders in Ms. Gerst's class are ready for a week of learning!  Are you?  Remember to do your PARRT today and every day.  Look for ways to be kind ~ it will make your heart happy!  Let's make it a fantastic week!

Ms. Gerst's fourth graders are discovering that Iowa is an amazing place!  We have learned about the different landforms found in all parts of the state and we know anyone who thinks Iowa is just flat and boring hasn't studied the eight different landform regions.  From the Mississippi River to the Missouri River you can find beautiful prairies, valleys, and plains!  The next time you see a fourth grader, ask them to tell you what they have learned about Iowa so far!

It is great to see all the red, white and blue filling the halls of Madison.  Mrs. Locke's class would like to thank the first grade team for planning our flag etiquette assembly.  They look forward to it this afternoon.

The muffins ere great this morning.  Thank you PTA.  Mrs. Locke's class is ready for a great day.  We will do our personal best.