Mustangs Moments of Excellence

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are ready to grow and learn at Madison.

Good morning Madison Mustangs and welcome to your first full week of school.  Mrs. Duther's class would like to remind you that we will be talking about growth mindset all year long.  That's when you work really hard at something, try different ways to figure a problem out, and never give up.  Let's make this our best school year ever!

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Mrs. Duthler's class is wondering if you enjoy watching sports?  Many of the athletes had dreams of becoming a professional athlete ever since they were young  They developed a growth mindset when they were your age.  They persevered (which means they kept going even when it got tough) and used a lot of grit.  When others told them they couldn't, they said, "Oh yes I can.  Just watch me!"  Their dreams came true. At school, set a goal, persevere and continue to nurture a growth mindset.  Before the game begins, athletes and fans place their right hand over their hearts, and proudly sing along to The Star Spangled Banner.  Now, imagine yourself achieving your goal and feeling that sense of pride.  Dream big and aim high!!

Mrs. Ramirez' fourth grade class would like to start the week by sharing with our fellow mustangs that even though the last two weeks of school have flashed before our eyes, they have learned multiple sums of new material.  Be generous to those around you, greet them, with a friendly smile, and always show respect.

"The fourth grade journey is not one to take lightly", says Mrs. Ramirez!  She is please to say that her 7 times 4 equals 28 fourth graders in her classroom are adapting to their new surroundings quite well!  Thank you fourth graders for always welcoming new faces and for always having each other's back and keep doing your PARRT!

It's a great day to be a Mustang, Madison friends!  The fourth graders in Ms. Gerst's class are ready for a week of learning!  Are you?  Remember to do your PARRT today and every day.  Look for ways to be kind ~ it will make your heart happy!  Let's make it a fantastic week!

Ms. Gerst's fourth graders are discovering that Iowa is an amazing place!  We have learned about the different landforms found in all parts of the state and we know anyone who thinks Iowa is just flat and boring hasn't studied the eight different landform regions.  From the Mississippi River to the Missouri River you can find beautiful prairies, valleys, and plains!  The next time you see a fourth grader, ask them to tell you what they have learned about Iowa so far!

It is great to see all the red, white and blue filling the halls of Madison.  Mrs. Locke's class would like to thank the first grade team for planning our flag etiquette assembly.  They look forward to it this afternoon.

The muffins ere great this morning.  Thank you PTA.  Mrs. Locke's class is ready for a great day.  We will do our personal best.

Mr. Casey's 3rd graders are putting in a lot of work with math these days.  They are learning all of the multiplication strategies that are going to help them all year long.  They aren't easy but with some hard work, they will have them mastered in no time!

Happy Friday Mustangs!  Mr. Casey's class would like you to know it is the first Feedback Friday of the year!  Today all of the teachers will be calling or emailing your parents telling them about all the great things you're doing at Madison.  We are going to have a lot of proud parents today Mustangs!

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Miss Kamhawy's 2nd grade class hopes everyone had a good weekend!  We hope everyone has a good day and a good week.  We want to remind everyone to have a growth mindset in everything that you do and especially when you come across a hard or difficult concept that you are trying to learn.  Remember  to believe in yourself and to tell yourself that "Yes, I can do it!"

During our PARRT lesson time, the 2nd graders in Miss Kamhawy's class have been working hard on understanding other points of view.  They know that they need to listen to another person's point of view and to respect that person's point of view.  Keep up the good work 2nd graders!

Students in Mrs. Mueller's class have been learning how to write in cursive.  They have learned a handful of lowercase letters.  Before you know it, they will know all of their letters!  Always remember to use nice handwriting and do your personal best on all of your work so others can read it!

The Cedar Rapids Fire Department is back again today to visit the kindergarten and third grade classes.  Third graders have been learning about fire safety and how to escape from a fire.  Did you know that your fire alarms in your house have birthday's just like you?  Mrs. Mueller's class would like you to remind your parents to check the batteries in them at least once a year!  It may not be as exciting as blowing out a candle on your birthday cake, but at least you will know they can offer some protection to your family in case there was ever a fire.

Good morning, Madison Mustangs, and welcome to a marvelous Monday!  The first graders in Ms. Wright's class are looking forward to many things this week.  First, we're setting up our terrariums in science and get to put pill bus in them!  next, the first Family Conference Night is this Thursday night, which means we get to welcome our families into our school to share with them all of our learning and hard work.  Also, this Friday we will have an author visit along with America Reads Day.  Wow ~ so much to look forward to!  Have a wonderful day!

Happy Friday, Madison Mustangs!  Today is America Reads Day, and Ms. Wright's class knows it is going to be a great time!  There are volunteers reading in your classrooms today, which is a very special treat!  Also, the first graders would like to extend a warm welcome to our guest, author Dori Hillestad Butler!

Students in Mrs. McCusker's class really enjoyed getting to meet a real author!  They thought it was so neat that she had wanted to write her own books since she was in first grade!  They know that writing is important and are going to work really hard on their writing this week.  They also know that handwriting is important because you want someone to be able to read what you have written so you always have to do your personal best.

First graders had a great day yesterday going on their first field trop.  They were able to go to the History Center and have a tour of the main Cedar Rapids Public Library!  They did a great job representing Madison.  They were respectful, and had a lot of fun!  Mrs. McCusker's class wants to remind you that tonight is Hall-O-Ween and they hope they see a lot of people trick or treating through the halls of Madison from 6:30 - 8:00!  you get to wear your Halloween costume, trick-or-treat, and even have a snack in the cafeteria when you are done!  What could be more exciting on a Friday night than getting candy!  We hope to see you there.

Mrs. Engelbrecht's kindergarteners are doing a wonderful job learning their sounds with the Superkids!  They are meeting their 7th Superkid this week!  They know how to use the sounds they learn to chunk and blend words from pictures.  They are beginning to read these words too!  We hope that all of the Mustangs at Madison keep reading personal best!  Remember how it all started with on letter and sound!

Happy day to all of you!  The kindergarteners in Mrs. Engelbrecht's class are so excited to share that they are experts about timelines!  This week, they learned that a timeline is used  to list important events in time order.  Next week, they will begin sharing artifacts on a timeline about themselves.

The kindergarteners in Ms. Yanda's class are so excited about the food drive.  We collected over 20 items and we are excited to bring in more.  Hopefully, we will win the popcorn party.

Have you ever really thought about what it means when we say, "Everybody learning, every day"?  Ms. Yanda's kindergarteners have been learning all sorts of new knowledge.  We are learning letters, sounds numbers, and how to count, but is that all we are learning in school?  Kindergarteners are finding there are so many more things to learn every day.  One thing we are learning about is, how to do their personal best at all times.  This can sometimes be hard to do when you just want to be finished and move on to something more fun.  We are learning that feeling good about doing your personal best work and having your personal best at all times.  We are learning that feeling good about doing our personal best work and having your personal best attitude to definitely more fun and feels better on the inside than just getting done with an assignment.  So remember, always do your personal best school work and personal best attitude and there will be something new to learn, every day.

All the students in Mr. Fred's room are working hard with decimals.  We can add, subtract, multiply and divide them.  Good work!

Mr. Fred's students are great writers and researchers.  They have just finished awesome Native American projects!

This week is National Kindness Week.  The students in Mrs. Everhart's class started showing kindness last week by collecting food for the food bank.  We can continue to show kindness by bringing in more food and also by doing random acts of kindness for others.

Mrs. Everhart's class continue to work on knowing their math facts.  Our hard work and practice is helping us reach our goals.  We are using our growth mindset to reach our goals.

The 5th graders in Mrs. Duthler's class hope your five days with family and friends were filled with many happy memories.  We encourage you to continue having a spirit of thanks and giving all year long.  Let's all have an attitude of gratitude.

This week Mrs. Duthler's students are continuing their thinking and learning about division.  They'll also be reviewing for next week's math core test.  We're looking forward to the challenge of showing what we know in math.

Happy Monday morning Madison Mustangs!  It's December 4, 2017.  Mrs. Hand's students would like to remind you that the weather will be taking a drastic change after today, so please dress warmly for the winter weather.  Today is Madison Monday so let's join together and show our school spirit by wearing our Madison shirts.  Have a great day!

The fourth grade student's in Mrs. Hand's class have been exploring the Progressive Era of history.  They are learning about the hardships and harrowing stories of many immigrants who came to America.  Can you imagine sailing across the ocean in cramped quarters for 14 days!  Let's make it a great day!

Mrs. Hand's class really enjoyed see so many Madison families at our Barnes and Noble night.  We hope you enjoyed picking out fantastic books to read.  Make it a great day!

The fourth graders in Miss Gerst's class have been working very hard to explain their thinking to others when solving a math problem.  We are also working on being respectful of others when they are sharing their thinking.  We know that we do not have to agree to be respectful of them and their work.  Show respect to everyone around you!

Miss Gerst's fourth graders are so excited to share all of their hard work with our families during our author's luncheon today!  WE know our families will enjoy reading our personal narratives we spent time writing , revising, and publishing into a book!  Have a great day everybody!

Good morning!  Mrs. Locke's students are excited to read our stories in our reading groups.  We love to use our imagination when we read.

The students in Mrs. Locke's class are excited to practice their math facts.  They are also doing their personal best all this week..  You never know who is watching!

Good morning Mustangs and Happy New Year from Mr. Casey's class!  We hope everyone had a great winter break and it's so nice to see everyone's smiling face again.  Let's have a great first day back!

The new year is a great time to set some goals.  Mr. Casey's class has been deciding what types of things they want to improve on in 2018.  What do you think you can get better at this year? 

What a short week last week was!  Mrs. Mueller's class hope you had a nice long, relaxing weekend and are ready to be back for a full week of school!  If you set a New Year's Resolution, we hope you're succeeding.  Even if you didn't set a New Year's Resolution, it's never too late to work harder at something.  Maybe it is remembering to student for your spelling test, maybe it's helping a classmate out or doing a random act of kindness for someone.  Whatever it may be, always remember to have a Growth Mindset and do your personal best!

Third graders in Mrs. Mueller's class have been learning fact families for multiplication and division.  They have also been learning how to divide quickly and use specific strategies.  Keep up the good work on learning those facts quickly third graders!

During math time the students in Miss Kamhawy's class have been working on finding the sum of adding four two digit numbers together.  They have been participating in partner type activities to share their thinking with their partner.  The students have been learning different types of strategies to find the sum, knowing that there are multiple ways to solve a problem not just one way.  Way to go 2nd graders!

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Miss Kamhawy's class hopes everyone enjoyed their long weekend!  This week Madison students will be taking their FAST reading test.  Remember to have a growth mindset and to do your personal best when you are taking the FAST reading test as well as in everything that you do.  Always believe in yourself and tell yourself that "Yes, I can do it"!  We hope everyone has a good day and a good rest of the week at school.

Good morning Madison Mustangs, and welcome to a marvelous Monday!  The first graders in Miss Wright's are looking forward to a great week at school.  Last week we celebrated reaching our goal of 10 class MME's!  We'll be setting a new goal this week.  Think about some personal goals that you have and work hard to achieve them!  Have a wonderful day! 

Hello, Madison Mustangs!  Ms. Wright's class is starting our Pebbles, Sand, and Silt unit in science this week - what do you know about this topic?  If you get a chance, ask a first grader what they've been discovering in science.  Have a terrific Tuesday!  

Mrs. McCusker's class is working on place value again this week and figuring out that 10 ones is actually a group of ten!  They are realizing that every time you get ten more ones and you place them together, that is just one more group of 10!  This has helped them see that they can count by tens and add the leftover ones.  Math is an exciting time in room 105!  Have a great day Mustangs!

Can you believe today is the 100th day of school?  The first graders in Mrs.McCusker's class are going to do a lot of activities where they will be using the number 100.  They are going to count out 100 pieces of cereal, flip a penny 100 times, do some writing that is all about 100, and celebrate that this first half of school has made them 100 days better at everything they do!  Enjoy your 100th day everyone!

The kindergarteners in Mrs. Engelbrecht's class are becoming writers like the big kids!  Even though the writing process is new to us, we understand how to brainstorm, pick and choose, and turn and talk about a topic.  We are on our way to write what we know!

The kindergarteners hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Mrs. Engelbrecht's class would like you to try to do one thing for your family, someone else, and to better yourself.  It could be as easy as picking up, or vacuuming.  Show others how they are important to you by helping out!

Tonight is the first night of parent-teacher conferences.  Conferences will be your time to show family the wonderful work you have been doing all year long.  Did you reach the goal you set in the fall?  Be thinking about it and be ready to share what things you really enjoy and seem easy for you.  Also, be thinking about what is hard, and maybe takes some extra time to figure out.  Miss Yanda's class wants to remind you, that conferences are a perfect time for you to tell your family and your teacher what you need help with and what they can do to help you.  Be ready to share all the great things you have been working on at Madison this year!

Miss Yanda's class would like to remind you the book fair started last night in the library and invite you to stop by.  There are all kinds of amazing books and fun items to be found at the book fair!  Games and reading on an iPad are fun, but taking the time to read is like installing new software in your brain!  Instead of a tablet creating a story for you, your imagination gets to make the pictures.  Make sure you find the time to stop by the library before it's over!  

Mrs. Everhart's class is looking forward to sharing what they have learned so far this year at Student Led conferences.  We are proud of our hard work!

The students in Mrs. Everhart's class want to remind you to find opportunities to do an act of kindness for someone.  Smiling at someone makes you and the person feel good.

All the kids in Mr. Fred's room are reading about Americas first colonies.  We've found Jamestown and Plymouth but still can't find Roanoke!

Mr. Fred's students are excited for Spring Break!  They also know, they are going to work hard next week and come back from break ready for Iowa assessments

Mrs. Duthler's students are learning about fractions, decimals, and percentages during math.  They gave 100% to every task they faced last week.  we've heard that you did too.  Keep up the good work Madison Mustangs!

Tonight is the 5th graders final elementary school concert.  Mrs. Duthler's class would like to thank Mrs. Hansen and Dr.Todd for teaching them how to perform in front of an audience.  Who knows, maybe we'll see them down the road at a Theatre f Cedar Rapids production, or trying out on "America's Got Talent."

Good Morning Madison Mustangs!  Today is, Tuesday, March 20th.  Mrs. Hand's class would like you to know that, today is the first day of Spring!  The first day of Spring is the only time of the year when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west for everyone across the world!  It's also the only moment each year that the Earth's tilt is zero in relation to our sun.  So, if you were standing on the equator, the sun would pass directly over your head!  The fourth grade is ready for nicer weather, flowers. leaves and additional sunlight.  Did you know that we're adding a full two minutes each day to the daylight hours--one at sunrise and one at sunset.  Onward, Spring!!

Good Morning Madison Mustangs!  Did you know that the Ford Model T cost less than $300 in 1925?  At this price the Model T comprised as much as forty percent of all the cars sold in the United States!  Mrs. Hand's fourth grade class is starting to dig deeper into our history by studying the 1920's and 1930's and The Great Depression - an economic downturn of the industrialized world!  Sound depressing?  It shouldn't.  It has been very interesting, and we enjoy learning about a different period in our history.   

The fourth graders are learning how to become masters of informational writing.  We know writers create a plan before creating a quality piece of writing.  We have been practicing this skill by using our learning from our last science unit on rocks to write an informational article on the process of weathering.  Our writing skills are improving every day!

Happy Friday!  Hopefully you've had a wonderful week of learning and working hard!  Fore the third, fourth, and fifth graders, next week is a very important week because they begin Iowa Assessments.  Our brains are prepared and ready for the challenge!  We will make sure to get enough sleep and healthy food to make sure our bodies are ready too!  If you see one of these students, give them a word of encouragement!  Have a great day everyone! 

All of Mrs. Locke's students are practicing math facts.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are all important to know.  Have a great day and don't forget to practice your math facts.

Mrs. Locke's class will be writing about the American Flag today.  Displaying the flag is another good way to honor our American Veterans.  Don't forget to bring in a picture of a Veteran to honor their service! 

Mrs. Mueller's class hopes you enjoyed listening to the veteran's share their stories in your classroom last Thursday.  Did you remember to bring some money today to donate to sending a veteran on an Honor Flight?  There is still time this week.  What a great way to support our veterans as a school!

Today 3rd graders in Mrs. Mueller's and Mr. Casey's class will be visiting the Cedar Rapids Public Library & History Center.  They will be doing their PARRT by doing their personal best to represent Madison and using their active listening to learn as much as possible while there.

Mr. Casey's class would like to say Congratulations Madison students, you worked hard on the Iowa Assessments last week!  3rd/4th/5th graders did their best work and K/1st/2nd graders were quiet in the hall.  Way to go Madison!

The 3rd graders in Mr. Casey's class are working hard on finishing up their Industrialization unit.  Soon they will finish their writing project and show how much they learned.  Great job guys!

During math time the students in Miss Kamhawy's class have been working really hard on story problems, measurement and graphing.  They have been participating in Rally Robin activities in order to share their thinking with a partner when solving a problem.  Way to go 2nd graders!

Miss Kamhawy's class would like to remind you that, we have an all school assembly today.  The assembly is to honor the Veterans and to express our appreciation for everything that they have done for our country.  Some veterans will be at the assembly, therefore, everyone will need to show the veterans what it is like to be a Madison Mustang by doing their PARRT.

Mrs. Engelbrecht's class hopes that you all remember that today is honor flight day!  The kindergarteners are still so excited to be a part of a school where we show caring by helping others,.  We can't wait to hear about today's honor flight that we helped sponsor.

The kindergarteners have learned all 26 letters and sounds in our alphabet!  Mrs. Engelbrecht and Ms. Yanda are so proud at how the kindergarteners have done their personal best learning these letters and sounds.  They are also proud of how each student continues to write these letters doing their personal best!

Hello Madison Mustangs!  The first graders in Ms. Wright's class want to let you know that, they have their music concert tonight.  They have been practicing so hard and are looking forward to performing for their families.  The Kindergarteners also have their concert tonight!  Good luck to you all,  have a terrific Tuesday!

Good morning, Mustangs!  In first grade we're studying time and measurement.  Ms. Wright's students know telling time is extremely important since it's how the days of our lives are set up.  This reminds us...make sure you're on time for school every day because it counts for perfect attendance for your class!  Have a great day!

First graders in Mrs. McCusker's class are finishing up their big Iowa Core math assessment and are doing great!  All of their hard work and learning this year is really paying off!  They are having fun continuing to learn how to tell time to the hour and half hour as well as making graphs!  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Today the first graders in Mrs. McCusker's class are going to work hard on remembering how to do their PARRT.  They are going to remember that they were not born a winner, they were not born a loser, but they were born a chooser!  Madison Mustangs, every one of you gets to decide how your day will go.  Are you going to choose to make it a good day or a great day?  The CHOICE is yours!  

Mrs. Engelbrecht's class hopes that you all remember that today is the honor flight day!  The kindergarteners are so excited to be a part of a school where we show caring by helping others.  We can't wait to hear about today's honor flight that we helped sponsor. 

The kindergarteners in Mrs. Engelbrecht's class have learned all 26 letters and sounds in our alphabet!  Mrs. Engelbrecht is so proud at how the kindergarteners have done their personal best learning these letters and sounds.  They are also proud of how each student continues to write these letters!

Kindergarten has learned so much over this school year that Ms. Yanda's class would like to share some of our wisdom with you!  This year we met 12 new friends called the Superkids.  Each one of them aught us about friendship.  They took us on adventures, showed us how important it is to work together, and how to take care and include everybody.  Those were some valuable lessons that will last us a lifetime!  We hope you remember to be a Superkid everyday!

The playground also taught kids things that we hope to remember even when we leave Madison.  Ms. Yanda's class would like to share a couple things they learned.  We learned to play fair so we all have the same chances to have fun.  Don't hit people and say sorry when you hurt someone on accident or on purpose.  That's important to remember o matter how old you are.  Hurting someone, even with words, is never ok.  What you say to a person may be more important to them than you know. 

Mrs. Everhart's class hopes everyone had a chance to attend the Learning Stampede.  At the Learning Stampede, our families enjoyed seeing everything we have learned all year.  This week we will enjoy spending one more week with our Madison friends!  Tomorrow we will be enjoying Mad-I-Sun Days so remember your hat and sunscreen!  

 Today is the last day of this school year together.  Mrs. Everhart's class wants everyone to have a safe and fun filled summer break!!