Mustangs Moments of Excellence

2019 - 2020

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Mrs. Duthler's class would like to welcome to your first week of school.  We're happy to see our old friends, and looking forward to making new friends.  We have been talking about growth mindset for several years now.  It's when you work really hard at something, you try different ways to figure a problem out, and you never give up.  Let's make this our best school year!

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Do you enjoy watching sports?  Many of the athletes had dreams of becoming a professional athlete ever since they were young.  They developed a growth mindset when they were your age.  They persevered (which means they kept going when it got tough) and used a lot of grit.  When others told them they couldn't, they said "Oh yes I can.  Just watch me!"  Their dreams came true.  At school, Mrs. Duthler's class would like you to set a goal, persevere and continue to nurture a growth mindset.  Now imagine yourself achieving your goal and feeling that sense of pride.  Dream big and aim high, Mustangs! 

Did you know that today is National Teddy Bear Day?  Do you have a special teddy bear at home or other stuffed animal that you've loved for a long time?  Maybe today is the day you give it an extra hug!  Or, even better, I'm sure it would love you to read it a story or two!  Ms. Gers't class would like you to work hard during reading time today so you are ready to read it when you get home.  Have a great day!

Hey Mustangs!  The fourth graders in Ms. Gerst's class write their very own mission statement to help us have a great school year.  They say it together every morning to remind us what we need to do.  Once of the things it says is "We respect and help each other."  How can you show respect to those around you today?

All the students in Mr. Fred's class have been working hard in reading.  In fact, we already have groups going, and holly cow they are good workers!

The students in Mr. Fred's class, have been working hard at procedures.  With that work, we will have an efficient, organized and fun year!