Mustangs Moments of Excellence

2019 - 2020

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Mrs. Duthler's class would like to welcome to your first week of school.  We're happy to see our old friends, and looking forward to making new friends.  We have been talking about growth mindset for several years now.  It's when you work really hard at something, you try different ways to figure a problem out, and you never give up.  Let's make this our best school year!

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Do you enjoy watching sports?  Many of the athletes had dreams of becoming a professional athlete ever since they were young.  They developed a growth mindset when they were your age.  They persevered (which means they kept going when it got tough) and used a lot of grit.  When others told them they couldn't, they said "Oh yes I can.  Just watch me!"  Their dreams came true.  At school, Mrs. Duthler's class would like you to set a goal, persevere and continue to nurture a growth mindset.  Now imagine yourself achieving your goal and feeling that sense of pride.  Dream big and aim high, Mustangs! 

Did you know that today is National Teddy Bear Day?  Do you have a special teddy bear at home or other stuffed animal that you've loved for a long time?  Maybe today is the day you give it an extra hug!  Or, even better, I'm sure it would love you to read it a story or two!  Ms. Gers't class would like you to work hard during reading time today so you are ready to read it when you get home.  Have a great day!

Hey Mustangs!  The fourth graders in Ms. Gerst's class write their very own mission statement to help us have a great school year.  They say it together every morning to remind us what we need to do.  Once of the things it says is "We respect and help each other."  How can you show respect to those around you today?

All the students in Mr. Fred's class have been working hard in reading.  In fact, we already have groups going, and holly cow they are good workers!

The students in Mr. Fred's class, have been working hard at procedures.  With that work, we will have an efficient, organized and fun year!

Mrs. Mueller's class has been learning how to round to the nearest 10 and nearest 100.  They are practicing kindness with each other and the classroom materials as they learn how to play new math games.  It turns out third graders are pretty good sports when it comes to playing games!

Madison third graders have been observing and learning about crayfish this week.  The student's in Mrs. Mueller's class are showing respect for these wondrous creatures by being gentle with them.  Remember to always be respectful of others, even if the other creature likes to bite!

Mr. Casey's class is working on filling each other's buckets.  They're using note cards to write put ups to their classmates.  Buckets are getting filled and kindness is getting shared.  Good work Mr. Casey's class!

It's Muffins with Moms today.  Mr. Casey's class was so excited to see so many of our Mustangs enjoying a muffin with a special lady in your life.  We appreciate you moms!  Have a great Friday Madison!

Good morning Mustangs!  Today, first graders in Mrs. Wood's class are going to work on being active listeners and dong their personal best when Dr. Fowler is showing them a new way to do a number talk.  We are also going to watch some of our slides, "From Madison to Jamaica"'  Have you watched any of it yet?  Did you know the classrooms are not very big?  Picture the big blue carpet in your room and add a little more... that is about the size of their classrooms!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Welcome to a fantastic Friday!!  Mrs. Wood's class wants to remind you that ~ today is hat day!  Thank you to all who donated and are helping, "Be the Change!".  Enjoy wearing a hat, enjoy decorating pumpkins with your friendship groups to take to Meth-Wick Retirement Center!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Good morning, Madison Mustangs!  The students in Miss Wright's class hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a week full of learning.  How are you doing collecting those personal MME's?  The second graders already met and celebrated their first personal MME goal with a toy day.  We'll be setting our new goal this week and hopefully be meeting it soon. 

Hello, Madison Mustangs!  Miss Wright's second graders are studying plants and insects during science.  Do you know hw fast brassica seeds grow when placed under a light 24 hours a day?  Really fast!  We also have mealworms and caterpillars that we're watching for changes.  We're documenting these changes after many observations.  Being a scientists is challenging, but fun.  What are you studying in science this week?  Have a great day!

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Miss Wright's class hopes everyone had a good weekend!  They also hope everyone has a good day and a good week at school.  Today is Columbus Day.  Christopher Columbus discovered America on this date.  What will you discover in your learning today and throughout the week?  Remember to have a growth mindset in everything that you do and especially when you come across a hard or difficult concept that you are trying to learn.  Remember to believe in yourself and to tell yourself that "Yes, I can do it"!

During math time, the students in Miss Wright's class have been working really hard on solving multistep story problems.  They have been participating in Rally Robin activities in order to share their thinking with a partner.  Way to go 2nd graders!

Good morning Mustangs!  We hope that you enjoyed doing something "Fall-like" over the weekend.  If you didn't have a chance to enjoy the outdoors over the weekend, take it all in at recess.  The Kindergarteners sure do!  They lave learned all about tress and our season of fall.  Because of this learning, they love to share their observations with Mrs. Engelbrecht and Ms. Yanda each day.

Tonight, is our final family night conference night.  We hope that all students have enjoyed sharing their learning in our first 40 days or so of school.  Mrs. Engelbrecht is astonished at how much her Kindergarteners have grown and learned so far.  Just think about how much more you will be able to share in February at our next round of conferences!

Halloween is just a few days away!  But, before Halloween arrives, make sure you have chosen a costume that won't cause safety hazards.  Ms. Yands's class wants to remind you to avoid masks which can obstruct your vision.  If you are out after dark, use reflective tape on some part of your costume and treat bag.  You can also have a glow stick so passing cars can see you.  If you wear makeup for your costume, be sure to test it out first to make sure it doesn't make your skin itchy.  Remember to remove all makeup before going to bed.

Ms. Yanda's class hopes you got enough sleep last night and are ready for a fabulous Friday!  Remember, eating too much candy at one time can make you feel sick!  You should eat just a piece or two at a time.  I will also last longer that way!  Be sure to leave your candy at home.

The 5th graders are heading to Wickiup Outdoor Learning Center this morning to learn about how Native Americans lived a long time ago.  They will have various guest speakers talk about nature, food sources, and games.  Mrs. Duthler's 5th graders know they are all expected to practice active listening.  Active listeners show respect for the speaker and the students sitting beside them.  When everyone practices active listening, everyone has a chance to learn.  We want you to be active listeners too!

It is so great to see the food contributions increase daily.  It's pretty cool to look up and down the hallway seeing cans of soup, fruit, and veggies, bottles of ketchup and mustards, jars of peanut butter, boxes of pasta and rice, cake, cookies and brownie mixes.  Mrs. Duthler's class knows that we are going to make many families happy with the food they'll receive from Madison this month.  Thank you whatever you can.  Kudos to the 3rd graders for organizing, informing, and advertising.

All the kids in Mr. Fred's room are working hard at math.  They can add and subtract fractions with uncommon denominators.  Great job 5th graders!

All the students in Mr. Fred's class have been working hard at reading!  Their fluency is fast and their thinking is great!  Great job class!