Mustangs Moments of Excellence

2018 - 2019

All the fifth graders at Madison are excited to start their last year at Madison!  Mr. Fred's class determined to get better everyday!

Good morning Madison Mustangs and welcome to your first full week of school.  Mrs. Duthler's class would like to let you know that, we will be talking about growth mindset all year long.  That's when you work really hard at something, try different ways to figure a problem out, and never give up.  Let's make this our best school year ever!

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Mrs. Duthler's class is wondering if you enjoy watching sports?  Many of the athletes had dreams of becoming a professional athlete ever since they were young.  They developed a growth mindset when they were your age.  They persevered (which means they kept going when it got tough) and used a lot of grit.  When others told them they couldn't , they said, "Oh yes I can.  Just watch me!".  Their dreams came true.  at school, set a goal, persevere and continue to nurture a growth mindset.  Before the game begins, athletes and fans place their right hand over their heart and proudly sing along to The Star Spangled Banner.  Now imagine yourself achieving your goal and feeling that sense of pride.  Dream big and aim high!

Mrs. Locke's class would like to welcome you back after our long weekend.  In PARRT we are talking about respect and how we can show respect at school.  How do you show respect to your classmates?

The students in Mrs. Locke's class, would like to thank our PTA for Donuts for Dads.  We can't wait to see which team has the most team spirit!  Have a great day and don't forget to do your PARRT!

The fourth graders in Ms. Gerst's class are excited to start their first science unit on Living Systems!  The firs thing we will learn is what makes a system work.  Our school is like a system too because all of us are important pieces of the school that have to work together to make sure everybody is learning every day!  You matter!  When you do you PARRT and encourage others to do the same, we can all have great days!

Today we will enjoy our first Friendship Group of the year!  Ms. Gerst's class would like you to make sure you give someone a smile, say something kind, help someone if they need it, and enjoy getting to know your fellow Mustangs!  In our classroom, we try to treat everyone the way we would want to be treated.  Make this your goal today and every day!

On Friday we had our first Friendship Groups at Madison.  Mrs. Mueller's class hopes you had fun meeting new friends and doing some fun activities.  Remember to be kind and helpful throughout your day.  You never know who could be your new friend!

Mrs. Mueller's class hopes you enjoyed a yummy muffin with a relative this morning.  Thanks for all of your help with fundraising.  Your sales help support PTA events like Muffins with Moms.  Hopefully it was easy and there was "muffin" to it!  Happy Friday Madison Mustangs!

The 2nd graders in Mr. Casey's class have been making a lot of growth this year.  They've learned all their class and school procedures and are following them on the playground, lunchroom, hallways, and many other places.  Great work boys and girls!

Mr. Casey's class has been working hard with their addition strategies.  They have been learning new ones each week and are getting much better at their addition.  The hard work is paying off. 

The students in Ms. Kamhawy's class have been working hard on improving their handwriting.  They know that the expectation is to have legible handwriting on all their school work.  Keep up the good work 2nd graders!

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Ms. Kamhawy's class hope everyone ad a good weekend!  We hope everyone has a good day and a great week at school.  We want to remind everyone to have a growth mindset in everything that you do and especially when you come across a hard or difficult concept that you are trying to learn.  Remember to believe in yourself and to tell yourself that "Yes, I can do it"!

Good morning, Mustangs!  The students in Ms. Wright's class want to share what they've been studying in math ~ skip counting and addition facts through ten.  They've been working hard on skip counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's as well as combinations through 10.  Playing many different math games is a fun way to practice these addition skills.  What math goals are you working on in your classes?  We wish you luck in reaching those goals!  have a great day!

Happy Friday, Madison Mustangs!  Today we have Friendship Groups, which is always a fun time.  What a great way to show kindness to those in our community by doing our second service project during Friendship Groups.  Ms. Wright's first graders want to remind you to do your personal best when decorating pumpkins and writing cards for our friends in the Methwick Community.  We're looking forward to seeing all of the finished projects.  have a good day!

Good morning Mustangs!  The students in Mrs. McCusker's class have been working hard n our fact fluency to ten and story problems.  We have spent a lot of time working on problems where we know the answer, but we are missing one of the parts.  This can be tricky for first graders but, we continue to have a growth mindset and realize we will figure them out.  We are just not there YET!

Today is an exciting day for first graders in Mrs. McCusker's class because Navi comes to Madison to listen to some of them read to her!  If you do not know who Navi is, she is the Husky that is in the library every Wednesday and listens to students read and is just the sweetest dog ever!  We are also going to practice what we are going to share with our parents at conferences tomorrow.  It's a good day at Madison!

Good morning Mustangs!  The kindergarteners in Mrs. Engelbrecht's class hope you had a wonderful weekend!  The kids in Mrs. Engelbrecht's class have earned 2 classroom celebrations so far this year.  This is because they have earned 10 blue MME's.  How about all of you?  Are you doing yor PARRT to help your class earn MME's?  Have a super Monday!

Mrs. Engelbrecht's has loved having Mr. Girdner as a guest during the kindergarten's math time.  The students have shown how smart they are with their thinking and sharing about numbers.  They also have enjoyed using new math tools this year like math racks.

Welcome to a magnificent Monday Madison Mustangs!  Ms. Yanda's class hopes you attended the PTA event on Friday, Hall-O-Ween and enjoyed an evening of fun!  With Halloween coming up on Wednesday, kindergarten has been talking about being safe.  Talk it over with your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or an adult in your house what time and where you're deciding to trick-or-treat.  Remember that sticking close to home is great because then you'll know many of the people and you won't get lost in a neighborhood that you're not used to being in.  People who already know you just might throw an extra treat in your bag!

Kindergarteners in Ms. Yanda's class would like to share this quote with all of the other Madison Mustangs...  "The difference between try and triumph is a little umph."  - Marvin Phillips  What does that mean to you?  Well, in kindergarten, we are always learning, practicing and trying our personal best.  We put effort, or "umph" into whatever we are doing because that is how we get better.  So remember, if you put a little effort, or "umph" into your try, you will come out as  a winner.  Give your personal best today Madison Mustangs!

Mr. Fred's class along with the other fifth graders are having fun playing soccer at recess.  Everyone plays hard but shows great sportsmanship!  When that happens, we all win!  Great job 5th graders!

All the students in Mr. Fred's class are working hard at multiplying.  In fact we can all multiply whole numbers and decimals. 

Do you have a Veteran in your family?  Did you thank him or her yesterday for their service?  The 5th graders in Mrs. Duthler's and Mr. Fred's room made cards last Friday, which they delivered to the Johnson Ave and Edgewood Rd Hy-Vee.  Hy-Vee offers a free breakfast every year on Veterans Day to any military service members.  Veteran guests were given the cards.  we thanked Veterans for doing their PARRT so we can enjoy the freedoms of America.

The 5th graders in Mrs. Duthler's class are becoming stronger mathematicians in division.  Two weeks ago dividing a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number was a big challenge for students.  every day they listened to their teacher, to students explaining their thinking during number talks, and they practiced, practiced, practiced.  With a growth mindset, they are proving that hard work pays off.

Good morning Madison!  the 4th graders in Mrs. Locke's class are ready to finish their reading test this week.  They will be sure to do their personal best.  Make sure you do your personal best in everything you do this week and always.  When you do your personal best, you are a success!

Wow!  Do you see all the food we collected in the hallway?  Mrs. Locke's class is wondering if we collected more than last year.  Remember, we don't have school tomorrow.  Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.  See you next Monday.  

Good morning Mustangs!  Welcome back!  We hope you had a chance to be with friends and family over Thanksgiving break.  Don't stop being thankful for all the good thing you have even though Thanksgiving is over.  Have a great day!

The fourth graders have been working very hard to master multiplication.  We know it's really important to check our work for silly mistakes.  We all make mistakes sometimes, but the important part is that we learn from them!  Don't be upset if something didn't go like you wanted it to!  Just keep trying! 

Did you know that on this day, December 5, 2018, 117 years ago, Walt Disney was born?  He was a man with a big imagination and he was a hard worker.  Mrs. Mueller's class is wondering what kinds of things will you work hard at today?  What new ideas will you dream up today?  Creativity can come in the form of writing, singing, dancing, and inventing...and that's just the beginning!  Think outside the box today Madison Mustangs!

Friendship groups are today.  Mrs. Mueller's class would like to remind you to walk quietly in the hall and enjoy your time with the friends in your group.  Please remember to practice doing your personal best as you will be making holiday cards for veterans.  Don't forget this means nice handwriting, words spelled correctly, and neat coloring.  We know you'll do great Madison Mustangs! 

Mr. Casey's students are working on triple digit addition and subtraction this week.  Such a hard skill but they have been persistent and are making huge gains!  Keep it up 2nd grade!

The 2nd graders in Mr. Casey's class have been doing great work during PARRT time.  they've been working on conflict resolution and recognizing all the ways that they appreciate their classmates.  Good job boys and girls.

Good morning Madison Mustangs.  Miss Kamhawy's class hopes everyone had a good weekend!  They also hope everyone has a good day and a good week at school.  This is a busy week of school for everyone before we all go on winter break.  Remember to have a growth mindset in everything that you do and especially when you come across a hard or difficult concept that you are trying to learn.  Remember to believe in yourself and to tell yourself that "Yes, I can do it"!

During math time the students in Miss Kamhawy's class have been working really hard on solving subtraction story problems.  They have been participating in sharing their thinking with a partner as well as in a large group.  They know that the more they practice the better they become at solving story problems.  Way to go 2nd graders!

Good morning Madison Mustangs!  Ms. Wright's class hopes you had a festive and enjoyable holiday break, and are ready to get back into the routine of school.  Mr. Girdner, Mrs. Carradus, and Mrs. Druschel will be coming in to our classrooms to review procedures this week.  Sow them how well you know these procedures and how to do your PARRT.  The first graders will be doing their best and hope you will too!  Make it a Wonderful Wednesday! 

Good morning Mustangs!  The first graders in Ms. Wright's class, want to share what they've been studying in math - skip counting and addition facts through ten.  They've been working hard on skip counting to 120 (or higher!!) by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's, as well as addition combinations through 10.  Playing many different math games is a fun way to practice these counting and addition skills.  What math goals are you working on in your classes?  We wish you luck in reaching those goals!  Have a great day!

Good morning Madison Mustangs!  With this being our first full week after winter break, Mrs. McCusker's first graders are going to make sure we work hard and continue doing our personal best  like we did before break!  We are going to push ourselves to bv3e better readers, writers, scientists, and mathematicians.  We are also working on doing our PARRT while learning and setting a good example for our kindergarten friends.  Have a great day everyone!

First graders in Mrs. McCusker's class have been working on place value in math.  They have learned how to make tens and ones with cubes, draw them to show their work and come up with an answer by looking at them.  For example, they know that 24 would be two cube towers and 4 ones.  They can tell you that the 2 means 2 groups of 10 so it is actually 20 and then you add the 4 ones to get the number 24!  Keep up the great work first graders!

Mrs. Engelbrecht's students are excited to meet the last Superkid today!  Tey have enjoyed meeting all of them and learning about their unique qualities.  Think about a friend that you have and what makes them special.  Try to share that happy thought with them today!  You will definitely help fill their bucket!

How did everyone do last week with the golden MME tickets?  Mrs. Engelbrecht's class exceeded their goal tremendously and are super proud!  Remember to do your PARRT always.  It helps yourself and others when we do what's expected. 

All the kids in Mr. Fred's class have been working head in math.  Last unit they all learned how to convert metric customary units of measurement!  Great job 5th graders!

Miss Yanda's kindergarten class is learning the great lesson abut what it means to be a good winner AND a good loser.  We have found out that it has been hard to feel happy for the other team when they scored more points than you.  It's really easy to quit the game because you are losing but Bonnie Blair, a famous speed skater once said, "winning doesn't always meant being first.  Winning means you're doing better than you've done before.  When you lose a race or win the game, think about how you played.  Did you work as a team?  Did you try YOUR best? Did you encourage others to stay at it even they made a mistake?  When you go to bed tonight, look back on the day you had and see if you are proud of the way you showed up in every experience.  If you are not, then work on being a better version of yourself tomorrow.

After many days off due to weather, the 5th graders in Mrs. Duthler's room are happy to be back at school, ready to learn, and ready to hopefully go outside for recess.  We want to remind everyone to follow procedures all day long.  Having a school full of active listeners helps us have a school full of active and engaged learners.

Yesterday the 5th graders listened to Josh, a University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art curator, explain the stories behind a variety of African art pieces.  They will be learning about many important people this month, many with artistic roots that go all the way back to Africa.  Mrs. Duthler's class wonders, where do your roots go?  Ask your family tonight, and share with your friends tomorrow at lunch.

Welcome back to school, Madison.  Mrs, Locke's fourth grade class is ready to learn about decimals.  They know they need to use their active listening skills and practice when they learn new things.  They are also excited because today is the fist day Madison is collecting donations for Pennies for Patents.  They money we donate will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Remember that while we are helping others, the class with the most donations, receives a pasta party.  You can bring in money for the rest of this week and next week.

Mrs. Locke's class would like to share a Valentine's Day poem with you.
                               Valentine's Day Every Day
                        For a sweetheart or a friend
                           There's just no better way
                 To show how much you care for them
                         Then a gift on Valentine's Day

                       It doesn't have to be expensive
                                 A simple card will do
                    As long as you put your heart into it
                       And show that it's really from you

                     Share love with family or with friends
                                Tell them in your own way
                               Let them know you really care
                                Make every day Valentin's Day

Good morning, Mrs. Locke's class hopes you had a fantastic Valentine's Day.  Great job earning all those golden tickets.  The Cupid Shuffle was awesome!  Now we are getting ready to share our learning with our families next week at conferences.

Miss Gerst's class would like to remind you that, we are beginning our second week of our Pennies for Patients fundraiser.  Don't forget to bring in your spare change!  You can also donate online.  Remember the class that raises the most wins a pasta party!  Most importantly, remember that even the smallest donation helps!  When everyone gives what they can the total will be amazing!  Be kind and generous today!

Today is an exciting day because it is the day students will start sharing their hard work with their families!  The fourth graders in Miss Gerst's class have worked hard over the past several weeks on a few things that are hanging up for others to enjoy.  If you are down our hallway, be sure to check out the book reviews we wrote.  You might see a book you would like to try!  Speaking of books, don't forget to stop by the book fair tonight in the library!   

Good morning Mustangs!  The second graders in Mr. Casey's class are finishing up an exciting Junior Achievement unit.  They learned about communities, taxes, and jobs.  They really learned a lot!

Mr. Casey's class is working hard with telling time and money.  They are counting coins, making change, and reading clocks.  Keep up the great work 2nd grade.